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We're Back!!!

Though COVID slowed our efforts for children in Africa over the past couple of years, with your help, AHC was able to re-engage in a big way in 2022! Thank you for your confidence and charitable donations, including over the past two years as we anxiously watched for any opportunity to make educational material distributions in Senegal. While COVID was very disruptive for AHC, I’m happy to share that in Senegal the pandemic was much less impactful than here in the U.S. On the other hand, the needs for educational supplies and opportunity persisted, as you might expect.

With the help of the family of our Executive Director, Mohamadou Cisse, and coordination at four different regions across Senegal, we were able to distribute textbooks, notebooks, writing slates, pencils, and pens valued at more than $17,000 to young learners in October and early November. (As always, Mohamadou was able to negotiate a substantial discount on our costs, stretching AHC dollars to best effect). This investment allowed us to meet in person to distribute 4475 textbooks to more than 2600 students in grades one through six across seven different schools. It was a VERY busy trip!

To date, we count more than 71000 children in over 40 schools and villages who have benefitted from the work of AHC and your generosity. If you can make a donation of any amount, we will see that it helps a child learn with supplies approved by educators in Senegal!


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