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Join us tomorrow at AHC's Education in Africa Event, where you can make a life-changing differen

We've been working toward this for months, and now, it's almost time! A chance to share and celebrate AHC's most recent successes working with children in Africa, a chance to talk about this year's trip, and a chance to plan what can be the best year ever for reaching out to more villages and more children!

We are committed to being good stewards with your charitable donations. I submit for your consideration that dollar for dollar, AHC's model for collaborating with villages to provide educational opportunities for young girls and boys in impoverished but highly motivated communities positions us amongst the most effective, beneficial charities in the world.

Please join us at 6 pm at the Denver Hyatt Regency/Colorado Convention Center at 6 pm for appetizers, cultural exchange and a silent auction! Tickets are only $20 - buy yours at, or at the door!

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