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AHC is committed to making a lasting impact in Senegal, West Africa and the developing world through enabling children to sustain a higher standard of living. We do this by enhancing the education of Senegalese children through the distribution of textbooks, supplies, and teaching aids; supporting the development and improvement of schools and facilities; providing and enhancing cultural exchange; identifying development needs; and providing opportunities for others to support this mission.

Thus far, AHC has helped over 71,000 children in more than 42 cities and villages around Senegal. We work diligently to identify the neediest schools in urban and rural settings, and establish personal relationships with the school educators and administrators to ensure our resources are as effective as possible. Test scores in the schools that we've supported demonstrate exciting improvements in the childrens' skills and academic retention. With your help, we will continue to expand to help children in other schools, villages and countries!

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