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The 10th Annual Education in Africa Event Is Thursday!!

The African Heritage Celebration's 10th annual fundraiser, which is scheduled for Thursday October 27th, at Hyatt Regency Denver will be a wonderful evening of charity and culture. Please make your reservation at: and come join us for a great event.

In this picture, dated November 2007, fifth grade students of remote Keur Samba Ka primary school in Nioro, Senegal, are each holding a package containing textbooks and supplies that African Heritage Celebration provided to every student in the school. The children are overwhelmed with gratitude, even to the point of tears of happiness. The benefit of these supplies and textbooks has been huge for students and teachers alike! Test scores and success rates have skyrocketed in villages that we've been able to collaborate with. Many of the children in this picture, like Moussa N. Drame,(front row, 3rd from the right) who is now a freshman Geography student at Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, are in pursuit of higher degrees and in training to become the next generation of leaders who will further improve and transform lives of their communities. African Heritage Celebration's supporters and volunteers take great pride of actions that have impacted more than 34,000 students and significantly contributed to their academic success, but also exposed so many travelers to life-changing experiences in rural communities, where interactions of villagers and visitors provide possibilities to forge solidarity relationships needed to make the world a better place. The biggest challenge that AHC faces is raising funds to provide educational supplies to children. AHC's model for delivery is incredibly efficient, so every contribution makes a difference. Please help!

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